Friday, March 30, 2007

Karl Rove staff and Lurita Doan offer your help to local corrupt Republicans

Karl Rove deputy J. Scott Jennings directed Lurita Doan, the chief of the GSA, and as many as 40 agency officials to help in the re-election of embattled Republicans in the 2006 election. The presentation was made by the White House aide given at the General Services Administration and discussed targeting 20 Democratic congressional candidates in the next election.

Jennings' 28-page presentation included 2006 election results and listed the names of Democratic candidates considered beatable and Republican lawmakers thought to need their help in 2008. The 2008 list includes the following local pols: Thelma Drake (VA-02), Roscoe Bartlett (MD-06) and Tom Davis (VA-11) . The last two slides of the 28 identify Virginia as battleground states in the 2008 Senate race where GSA help will be needed.

WaPo covers politics and the GSA here.

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Anonymous said...

Tom Davis was vehemently defending Lurita Doan and talking trash about the IG. Why? Don't forget - Davis employs Jennifer Safavian, wife of David Safavian as in convicted-of-perjury Safavian. He lied to the FBI and THE GSA INSPECTOR GENERAL's OFFICE! Hello!? Conflict anyone?!?