Friday, February 9, 2007

It's not over till it's under-Tyson's Tunnel

The Tyson's Tunnel Project has implications from Bethesda to the West to Prince George's to the East, and all the way around the Beltway. Tom Davis (VA-11th) is the Republican who refuses to cooperate with Henry Waxman's fraud tip line, who threatened Va Governor Kaine when he tried to trigger use of new technology to build a tunnel through Tyson's, and who shakes down fraudulent government contractors in Iran and the Hurricane-rattled Gulf to finance the campaigns for him and his wife.

The current project is ugly.

So who has Tom Davis's ear on the Tyson's tunnel project? Not voters, but real estate magnates.

...Northern Virginia Congressmen Tom Davis and Jim Moran [were] spotted with NoVa real estate investor Joe Robert, taking in the [Wizards baskletball] game [Wed., Feb 7th] from courtside floor seats with “nice full beers,” according to our source.
Who bought the floor seats? Well, the host seemed to be Joe Robert, who according to the FEC donated $161,000 to federal, mostly Republican, candidates including over $14,000 to Davis as an individual and as RNCC Chair, to Rick Santorum, Michael Steele, and crooks like Conrad Burns. Tom Davis's PAC and his wife are both in Robert's top 10 recipients (if not for Gov. Warner almost all donations are to pro-development Republicans). Robert donated another$50,000 to state races as JE Robert Company. He is also a Washington Baseball Club member. His "charity" All Children Matter has donated almost $500,000 to Republicans in Virginia.

When you want to influence Tom Davis, be sure to bring your VIP tickets. But remember, his biggest obsession baseball.

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