Tuesday, January 23, 2007

WOW. You thought Tyson's was bad now

This is a monstrosity. Graphic credit: WaPo

Some of my friends and family in Fairfax shop at Montgomery Mall because traffic is easier to manage than traffic through Tysons. Expect more people to make the drive. If you've ever waited through 8 traffic light cycles to get through an intersection there, you already know why they make the trip.

Overhaul Of Tysons Center Approved: Decade-Long Project Will Add Towers With Offices, Apartments. (This story is getting play not just locally but all over the national business press)

The expansion, to begin next year and last a decade, will reshape the huge shopping center, which helped put the former rural crossroads of Tysons on the map 38 years ago -- and which still helps define what is now the 12th-largest business district in the country.

* * * *

Under Macerich's plans, several thousand people will live in nearly 1,400 apartments in towers rising as high as 30 stories and arrayed around the sprawling, 300-store mall like watchtowers around a fort.

The plan ignores new technology that would make a tunnel possible, even though a Tunnel Is Affordable, Advocate Group Says.

A group of Northern Virginia business leaders and residents presented detailed plans yesterday that they said prove that a Metro tunnel through Tysons Corner could be built at an affordable price, raising the pressure on Gov. Timothy M. Kaine (D) and federal officials who have decided the underground route isn't realistic.

"Once they see this information, it will be very difficult for them to say no," said the group's leader, Scott Monett, in presenting the plans at the Fairfax County Government Center. "Now, the ball's in their court. We've given [them] what they need."


beltway progressive said...

Dr Gridlock agrees this is a mess for the entire Beltway area. There are lots of comments here from MD and VA, arguing persuasively this affects many of us no matter what side of the state line we are on.

"While the citizens who make up the Tysons Land Use Task Force were talking last night about how to involve the public in creating a small city of distinctive, liveable, walkable neighborhoods, the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors was approving [this] developer's plan ..."

Anonymous said...

Update in WaPo on Saturday 01/27. You'll be pleased to know Tyson's isn't a "nightmare" -- yet.

"The resulting scenario sounds like the cruel fantasy of an angry god. But it is the reality of the next several years facing the tens of thousands of residents, shoppers and employees who pass through Tysons Corner every day."