Sunday, January 21, 2007

Birchmere coming to Silver Spring

To those of us who groan at the thought of driving the 15 miles through Tyson's traffic to get to the Birchmere, it is coming to Silver Spring!

Birchmere support group:

Downtown Silver Spring:

The Celebrate Silver Spring Foundation:

Bethesda Magazine loves Silver Spring:

67 Things We Love About Bethesda: Bethesda Magazine’s editors pick the things they love about Bethesda.

(3) The Birchmere coming to Silver Spring. The missing link in the Bethesda-area’s arts and entertainment scene. Finally, a place to hear top-name musical performers in our own back yard.
(10) Strathmore Concert Hall. It’s everything that CEO Eliot Pfanstiehl promised. His programming from around the world draws new audiences to the arts (and Strathmore), and opens the eyes and minds of regular audiences.
(19) Strosniders. It’s expensive, it’s crowded, it’s claustrophobic, but you’ve got to love a place where knowledgeable adults help you find the right tool or part, and spend as much time with a person looking for a screw as a $5,000 grill.
(21) Robin Ficker. Come on, politics wouldn’t be nearly as much fun without him.
(23) Lunch at Redrock Canyon Grill in Silver Spring. Sit at the bar and order one of their terrific salads. Jason, the bartender, introduces himself, shakes your hand, and provides terrific, friendly service.
(31) The Republican Party in Montgomery County. If we don’t love them, who will?
(63) Congressman Chris Van Hollen. Get a glimpse of him now because he’s going places—and fast.

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