Monday, February 20, 2012

The false link between FDA and Monsanto: consumers and progressives should support Michael Taylor

If you belong to any progressive mailing lists, chances are you’ve recently been urged to sign a petition calling for the removal of Michael Taylor as head of food safety at the Food and Drug Administration.

Food activists and consumer groups take issue with the fact that the former chief lobbyist for Monsanto, the dominant maker of genetically modified seeds and pesticides, oversees the nation’s food safety. Here’s a bit on the recent GMO kerfuffle.

“Michael Taylor is a devoted public official and I thought it was outrageous that he was being attacked in this mindless petition, “ said Michael Jacobson, the executive director of the CSPI, an organization normally known for holding government and industry feet to the fire.

Here is the Chicago Tribune article:

The open letter signed by the pro-consumer activists is here (pdf).


Anonymous said...

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Beltway Progressive said...

Sandro, since I went back to Govt I have curtailed my political rants a lot, but thanks for the kind words.