Thursday, May 24, 2007

WaPo's Community Guide for Montgomery County, MD

Things to do listed in the Community Guide (and here's community events).

10 Places to Eat That You Should Know About

  1. Tower Oaks Lodge, 2 Preserve Pkwy., Rockville. 301-294-0200.
  2. Sunshine General Store, 22300 Georgia Ave., at New Hampshire Avenue, Brookeville. 301-774-7428.
  3. The Inn at Brookeville Farms, 19501 Georgia Ave., Brookeville. 301-924-6500.
  4. East Gude Drive, between Norbeck Road and Southlawn Lane, Rockville
    Jon Won Restaurant (1613 E. Gude Dr., Rockville, 301-309-1870) and Arirang Restaurant (1326 E. Gude Dr., Rockville, 301-279-0023) both feature light wood in small, tidy spaces. Jon Won has tables with grills built into the middle for cooking Korean barbecue. Both specialize in Korean soups.
    The seafood scallion pancake at Arirang was the freshest and best I have found in the Washington area, and the restaurant's version of dulsot bibimbap (rice with beef and vegetables in a hot stone pot) is not only generous in size, but the pot arrives at the table so hot that the rice forms the prized crust in the bottom of the bowl that is the hallmark of this dish.
  5. Fox Chapel Shopping Center, Germantown
    Yuraku Japanese Restaurant (19773 Frederick Rd., 301-515-7440)
    India Palace (19743 Frederick Rd., 301-540-3000) and
    Cafe Tacuba (19741 Frederick Rd., 301-540-8310).
  6. Rockville Pike, from Twinbrook Parkway to Ritchie Center
    Try Sichuan at Joe's Noodle House (1488-C Rockville Pike, 301-881-5518,;
    Taiwanese dim sum at A & J Restaurant (1319-C Rockville Pike, 301-251-7878);
    Mexican at El Mariachi (765-D Rockville Pike, 301-738-7177.;
    Spanish at Sol de Espa?a (838 Rockville Pike, 240-314-0202);
    Japanese at Temari Cafe (1043 Rockville Pike, 301-340-7720);
    Urban Bar-B-Que Co. (2007 Chapman Ave., 240-290-4827,
    Las Americas International Market (785-E Rockville Pike, 301-424-9550)
  7. Downtown SilverSpring
    Jackie's (8081 Georgia Ave., though the entrance is on Sligo Avenue, 301-565-9700)
    Ray's the Classics (8606 Colesville Rd., 301-588-7297) has
  8. DowntownWheaton
    Pearl Seafood Restaurant (11230 Grand View Ave., 301-962-8888).
    Ruan Thai (11407 Amherst Ave., 301-942-0075)
    Nava Thai (11315 Fern St., 240-430-0495)
    Nut House Pizza (11419 Georgia Ave., 301-942-5900)
    Max's Kosher Cafe and Marketplace (around the corner at 2319 University Blvd. West, 301-949-6297,
  9. DowntownBethesda
    David Craig (4924 St. Elmo Ave., 301-657-2484,,
    Persimmon (7003 Wisconsin Ave., 301-654-9860,
    Cafe Gelato (4823 St. Elmo Ave., 301-913-0050)
  10. Two Wine Places (20A Grand Corner Ave., Gaithersburg, 301-987.5933,
    Adega Wine Cellars & Cafe (8519 Fenton St., Silver Spring, 301-608.2200,

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Anonymous said...

Tower Oaks Clydes - A friend makes sure the food there is spectacular. Ask for help chosing oysters - I like the more tender, less salty ones but I can never remember which ones they are.

The busiest police office in the county hangs out in the parking lot, much to the dismay of Tower Oaks. Watch out - he'll follow you out of the parking lot to find an excuse to pull you over. Make sure your designated driver is at the wheel!